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Hotmail Customer Service- Email Troubleshooting


Hotmail email also can suffer from various issues. There are few things that can be done for email troubleshooting. Most common problems are :

User is not able to sign in because of lost or forgotten password.

Follow the steps to overcome this :

At the login page, click on , "Cannot access the account. " .
In the Microsoft help page, select the option, "forgot password".
On the next page, enter the complete email id and the code given.
Click next and provide the best suitable option for Microsoft to contact you and send the notification. It can be either an alternative email id or phone number.
Check the message and follow the instructions.

The Server problem

May be the Hotmail server is down. User has to try for sometime and wait. If many websites are opened at a time then user should close them and try to login again. User can also try to delete the cookies and login again. It is also advised that user should check the browser and update it if required.

Virus attack may also be the issue for not opening the Hotmail email. So user should check that by scanning.

Still if problem is there then user can contact Hotmail customer service. The user can call at Hotmail support number and ask a qualified technician to solve the issue.


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